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Most people would agree our nation is divided. It is almost impossible to listen to the news without hearing “racist” in some form or fashion. I have had the privilege of working in black communities for almost 40 years. I’ve seen racism. I know the hurt it causes. I have also seen black men and black women become dear friends with white men and white women to the point “friend” is no longer an appropriate description of them. They are true brothers and sisters.

I’ve watched as black people have been used, lied to, and have had to live with broken promises. This book is designed to expose those who have made policy and law that has devastated the black community. So much could have been avoided if we could simply ask the question when making policy, “How will this affect the black community?”

This show and its companion book explore various policies that do not take the black community in mind.


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Prayer. We don’t feel that we do it enough. It should be easy. It’s just talking to God, right? But why don’t we do it more?

If we all would pray just ten minutes more every day, could it really change the world?

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Theologies that tell you once you become a Christian you will no longer have days of emotional or physical pain are not worth listening to. Many Christians have been hurt by people before and after coming to the Lord. It is not about being weak or strong. King David said, “I have made my bed in tears”. It is not about your commitment to the Lord. The apostle Paul said, “We despaired even of life.” It is not about having done wrong. Jesus, before having been struck once said,”My soul is exceedingly sorrowful unto death.”

But how do we deal with it? Does the Bible have anything on the issues? What attitude should be had during a time of pain? Have we done something wrong?”. These are the things that are addressed in “Dealing With the Pain in our lives be M. Todd Rawlings

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Forget what you have been told concerning racism. There has been far worse things happen to the black community than what you hear on the news. This book explores policy decided upon by our leaders that has devastated the black community. You may be shocked to learn of the quiet war that has taken the freedom and even lives of black people in our country. 

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